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Give Me A Name

Street Art Project Performances is a young Hungarian contemporary dance start-up, performing theatrical dance pieces including professional dancers in public spaces

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Dance on the Streets

Dance on the Streets / Community Event

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The Flycycle

It is now time for boarding the amazing flying machine! With Captain Bigshot, you’ll fly up up and away, crossing continents in turbulent adventures.

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Hoops, hoops and more hoops!

Everything you ever wanted and never needed to know about hula hooping.

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In Flow

A unique and immersive performance fusing Electronic music, Gamelan percussion and Visuals.

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Aerial Workshop

Workshop Wednesday 6th July

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Ennis Street Arts Festival Samba Band

Brasilian Percussion with a strong sense of community, where a lively carnival atmosphere will make you dance

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The Musical Menagerie

The story of two zoo-keepers reminiscing about their first days in the job.

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Contemporary Dance Workshop

Workshop on 6th & 7th July

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3D Inflatables Project

Due to flooding in Ennis in recent years there has been an increase in rare and unusual tropical fish around the town.

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ennis-street-arts-festival-volunteersWe are looking for great volunteers who have a passion to contribute to the success of the Ennis Street Arts Festival. Whatever amount of time you have available, whatever skills or talents you have, there will be a way that you can help. Please put your skills forward, join our team and help us make the 2016 festival the best ever.

We’re looking for anyone who can help in any capacity, but particularly the following :

  • Stewards
  • Helpers for arts and crafts market set-up
  • ‘Duck’ supervisor!
  • Assistants to set up the art installations
  • Artists

If you would like to help please contact us, particularly if you would have time on the days of the festival.

Visit our Facebook group Volunteers@Ennis Street Arts Festival.